VTB 012: Apertus Axiom, 4k Smartphone, Story & Heart post image

VTB 012: Apertus Axiom, 4k Smartphone, Story & Heart


In this episode we take a look  Apertus Axiom - an open source hardware and software project that has some momentum. The we take a look at a new 4k Smartphone (yes… 4K!). We also review some amazing videos and a new way to do stock footage.



  • OnePlus One 4k Smartphone (23:51)

• Meet the Authors • Perry & Steve

Steve Washer and Perry Lawrence bring you the best news about all things video. Production, Software, Tips, Resources, Gear... you name it, thay bring it!

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  • Thanks for another great episode! Great to listen to while i mowed my lawn this afternoon. I like the longer versions, but appreciate the time it takes to research and produce quality content, so I won’t begrudge you for shortening the length.

    I would love to see you guys cover workflows. In today’s digital age, what is the best workflow to ensure smooth transition from capture to editing and from editing to storage for future retrieval. I am using Adobe products, but am also playing with Final Cut and Motion.

    I would also love to see some coverage on mobile video production. I see a lot of professionals turning their noses up at the thought of businesses producing their own content, but it seems to me that it is a lot like desktop publishing 15 years ago.

    • Thanks for the great comments and suggestions David! We have Workflow on the list of things to cover and will move it up in the list. When you mention “Mobile Video Production” are you speaking of video production on mobile devices or a more “come to your place” type of ‘mobile’? Keep the comments coming! We love feedback!!!


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