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VTB 007 – YouTube Funnel, Canon 5D Rumors


We are very excited to talk to you about some great resources that all revolve the YouTube Funnel. “What is the YouTube Funnel?” you may be asking. The funnel is the path that your video viewers take to get to your end goal. The goal may be to become a YouTube channel subscriber, get on your list or ultimately to purchase products and services from you. Whatever your end goal is, this podcast will give you some great ideas to get started.

VTB 007

  • News (1:17)
  • Funding (4:00)
  • Feature
    • The YouTube Funnel (8:10)
      • Consistent Short Videos
        • ABC’s
        • FAQs
        • Positioning Videos
        • Product Demos
        • Commentary
        • Day In the Life
          • Examples
      • Consistent Branding
        • Open Graphic
        • Opening Statement
        • Lower Third
        • Cold Open
        • Close
        • Subscribe Link
        • YT Channel
        • YT Intro Video
        • Link to website
      • Call to Action
        • For more…
        • To get my…
        • Share
        • Subscribe…
          • Join My Tribe
        • Leave a Comment…
          • Be part of the discussion
        • Give me a thumbs up…
      • Close the loop
      • YouTube Ads
        • Create Your Own
  • Gear (30:55)
    • GH4 Greenscreen test
      • new Panasonic consumer 4k
      • Canon Rumors (40:40)
  • Resources (41:20)

• Meet the Authors • Perry & Steve

Steve Washer and Perry Lawrence bring you the best news about all things video. Production, Software, Tips, Resources, Gear... you name it, thay bring it!

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  • Enjoyed the YouTube funnel content. If I could make a suggestion, though, it’s that you practice what you preach. My apology if this recommendation seems condescending and/or rude. That is not my intention. Allow me to elaborate.

    You claim at the end of your podcast that you value my time. So let me ask you, is there really any functional difference between a podcast and a YouTube video per its purpose promoting your business? I would argue there is not. Therefore, inasmuch as a YouTube video should be singly focused in its ultimate objective, should not also a podcast?

    Today’s podcast featured your ideas on building a useful YouTube funnel. This in fact was the reason why I chose to listen to this podcast. Yet also presented was information not reasonably related to your podcast’s featured subject–your “Gear” and “Resources” content specifically. These topics simply did not add any value to the reason why I came here in the first place. In fact they considerably distracted from it. You might better have saved this content for another podcast, or offered it presenting some other baited hook whose taking (or not) might have given you a better idea about your audience’s ultimate desires and needs.

    Likewise, if this podcast were my production, I would have offered a supplemental podcast (or video) providing concrete examples of some of the YouTube funnel concepts you presented here.. Again, I would have done this presenting a baited hook (say, a request that the podcast listener “like” this presentation in order to receive the supplemental information, thus encouraging social sharing venturing to increase your captive audience).

    Just to be clear about my suggestion, content considerably removed from the main subject of your podcast is not necessarily without value. Information indirectly related your podcast’s feature might still be presented during the lead up to your feature, with links to other web pages providing further details included in your podcast’s notes (which nuance of your podcast’s post I appreciate), much as you are presently doing. Here, though, I would be mindful to mention how information indirectly related to your feature still is relevant, as well as seek opportunities to further your understanding of your listening audience’s desires and needs using baited hooks

    Hope this helps. Again, I apologize if words I used to introduce my thoughts seemed snide or overly critical.

    • Hey TC, I really appreciate your comments! This podcast is in the development stages so we are always eager to get feedback like yours. The initial ideas were to give “News and Information” to our community (video marketers and enthusiasts) in a format that is portable. To answer just a few of your points, an audio podcast is very different than a YouTube series. While the end goals can be the same, the delivery is different, the experience is different and the length is very different. Our podcast has been following the same outline since episode one. News, Funding, Main Feature, Gear, Resources, Calendar. Some of these don’t make it in every week but we strive too. While “Infusionsoft” may not seem like ti fits into this podcast, it is a key element to “closing the loop” on a lot of folks YouTube channel. Comments like yours make us take a minute to evaluate what you, our audience, wants. I do hope you stick around as we grow this podcast with your help! Thanks so much for your well thought out comments. Please keep ‘em coming!


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